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. it is a message about the elite in washington and san francisco, which is a reference to nancy pelosi, the democratic leaders in the house, and it is really trying to create these cultural divisions between decision- makers in washington and people back home who have guns and use them for sport. host: "political" tells us that nra fundraising is that the best in a decade. guest: the nra also reports that membership is growing, something the nra has been effective and skilled at -- taking advantage of these moments where their agenda might in washingtont to really galvanize support of gun owners in the country. host: california. isaac, independent. caller: good morning. thank you for taking. host: sure, you are on the air. am hearing something else, but anyway, i called about this gun control. i think they label it wrong. as long as they keep saying gun control, you will have people screaming bloody murder that someone is coming to kick in their doors and take their guns. that is not what it is about. it is about limiting the number of bullets you can have in a rifle, and the second th
, they believe it all. we've already heard from barack obama posta conference toro of san francisco elisse. it is not surprising then they get better, they cling to guns or religion. the arrogance of their superiority requires this for a bottle. they do not give us rights. protect us. we pay to protect them. we are free already. as long as we have the second amendment, we always will. we are america. our politicians are only as powerful as we allow them to be. ♪ ad from the nra. chris is our next caller in texas on our independent line. caller: good morning. host: what did you think of the ad we saw? sides -- ielievable both sides have problems because they do not listen to each other. yes, there are people that should not have guns and there should be people who have any guns out there want. a problem with the background decideis who gets to where the disqualifying line is, where medical conditions and we lose the right, who is qualified to make that decision, just like the no-fly list? what does it take to get off of it? how do dispute something, if and dr. minute diagnosis against mad
across the aisle. the unwillingness to compromise is a bigger problem. host: ken in san francisco. caller: thank you for taking my call. wire week ignoring singer -- single payer health care/ they do a good job of taking care of their people for less money than the health-care corporations. pharmaceutical corporations are sticking it to the american people. guest: a very good question from ken. medicare is a single payer system. the administrative costs of medicare are much lower than those costs are within the private health insurance companies. you do not need to advertise. there is real merit on the part of those that point to other countries and say a single payer system is the way to go. that was too much of a political lift at the time. they mobilized hard prevent meaningful discussion so it never got on the table. host: we have the tweet about medicare and social security. guest: well, yes. i know that americans and all of us want to go to heaven but none of us want to die. it is scary to think these programs, that they do not a change in an adverse way. they be reformed in a fair
be killed in a cafe in san francisco or in a restaurant in houston, or at their home in bowling green, kentucky and. it is an abomination. it is something that should not and cannot be tolerated in our country. i don't rise to oppose john brennan's nomination simply for the person. i rise today for the principal, the principal is one that as americans we have fought long and hard for, and to give up on that principle, to give up on the bill of rights, to give up on the fifth amendment protection that says that no person shall be held without a process, that no person shall be held for a capital offense without being indicted. this is a precious american tradition and something we should not give up on easily. host: from roll call this morning -- senator rand paul ended his old buster at 12:00 -- hsi filibuster at 12:39. -- ended his filibuster. that gives us a sense of when this vote could take place. chuck in kansas, republican. caller: i completely back rand paul on his statements for what he said. he's exactly right. host: were you watching a little of him yesterday? caller: no, i
, the county tax, and the travel tax. san francisco as high as far as major cities. chicago used to be over 10%. they dropped that a little bit after they saw people going out into the suburbs to buy stuff. i know a lot of major cities in california are around there. southern california has high sales-tax. host: " usa today," has an interactive chart if you are interested. you can find this online. what we are looking at now are those lower states that it talked about earlier. alaska, wyoming, south dakota, all in the 7.8% range -- in the 7% to 8% range. guest: i am glad you brought up massachusetts. massachusetts is an interesting story because its tax burden peaked in the late 1970's and 80's and drop since then. we all remember when it was nicknamed tax-achussetts. the governor is now proposing a lot of increases. host: we read about taxes and fees. are they the same thing? guest: they are not. to economists they are costs. there's still something you pay the government. fees are something you pay for a service that the government is providing to you and only you. taxes are something that g
- adjusted level. $10.50.cisco, george miller are from san francisco. host: "the crow gap between ceo pay and the stagnant minimum- cruel gap - the c between ceo pay." guest: that is an interesting point. it makes me remind the public that barack obama has stated done enacted 18 tax breaks for small business and more are on their way. business,tion big which is so programmed that many do not pay any taxes. there are tens of millions of people in this country if they paid $1 of federal income tax would have paid more dollars into the u.s. treasury than general electric, honeywell, pepco, pacific gas and electric who have made billions of dollars in profit but did not pay one dollar. there should be a taxpayer appreciation day frawley belts that taxpayers have been required because they have not organized and become powerful. i wrote 100 of them years ago. a taxpayerannounce appreciation day on april 15?" they were not been used. host: ralph nader is the author of "the seventeen solutions, bold ideas for our american future." thank you for joining us. we will look at how four houses. faye t
right, you cannot tonight to lesbians and gays. they will in a court in san francisco, the ninth circuit, and now the defenders of proposition 8 have appealed to the supreme court. that is a case they are going to hear today. host: the ninth circuit court case, we covered it on c-span. viewers can go to our web site to hear the foundation for that. aside -- besides ted olson? who is also behind, against proposition 8? guest: there'll be three attorneys today. two reagan attorneys on opposite sides. chuck cooper came to the reagan administration in the 1980's. , he isrvative guy representing the sponsors of proposition 8. he's got 30 minutes to argue that this is a matter of great national debate and it should be decided by the voters in every state. he is basically going to tell the supreme court, you should stand back and not decide this as a constitutional issue agreed it is being decided state-by- state. then ted olson is up for 20 minutes to argue that it is a matter of equal rights and you, the supreme court, should not only decided in a narrow way, you should rule it as a right to
they built this bridge in san francisco. they went to china to build a bridge. then they have all kinds of problems with it. i would like to say, we've got nine% unemployment in south carolina. most of the construction workers are from a different country. they are here on work visas. withr: do you think along the president's plan should be some provision that we hire more american workers? host: i think they should use american steel for sure. as unemployment is 9 per cent, they should hire american workers first. placid,chard in lake florida, you're on the "washington journal." that thet appears president's plan is government by crisis, every week, every week is another crisis. he comes out campaigning. now for gun control. we've got north korea threatening us. we've got wars going on in the middle east all over the place. he seems to be building up munitions and war equipment for homeland security to fight hoot? -- who? all these other problems and initiatives he throws us -- the stimulus package was supposed to fix roads and bridges. however, we do not know where that money went. it
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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